The reason tens of thousands of local businesses just like yours use radio is very simple:  Radio reaches more people, more often, for less money, with more impact, than any other form of local media.

Radio is the dominant out-of-home media in the US, reaching 93% of your local consumers each week.   Among the thousands of commercial messages that these consumers are exposed to each day, radio advertising is unique:  it reaches consumers when they have little else to distract them.  In fact, the engagement levels for radio advertising (the percentage of people who actively pay attention to the ads) is by far the highest of any mass media.

This impact is magnified by the emotional and motivating power of audio.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that the connections made through audio messaging have more impact on consumers than either video or print.  Because radio listening is extremely habitual, the medium reaches the same consumers with greater average frequency than any other media.

Finally, radio is the most affordable mass-market media available.  Compared to the cost of reaching a similar-sized audience with the same frequency, radio advertising costs a fraction of other local media.

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Chuck Morgan

President & General Manager

This just in: Despite the countless media and entertainment options available today, AM/FM radio continues to be the top weekly reach medium. According to Nielsen, Americans are carving out more and more time each day to listen. Radio consumers tune in when and where it counts. Listening outside the home and, specifically, in the car is a huge part of the radio ecosystem. This gives advertisers the opportunity to uniquely deliver their message just prior to purchase.

Locally owned and manged Hot Country 973FM was established in 2015 and broadcasts on 97.3 FM with 250 watts and covers Comanche County with a Country music format. We also stream our broadcast live from our website, through Apple and Android products (including smartphones and tablets), and on TuneIn.